Ironbridge - Visit the World Heritage Site in Shropshire

Ironbridge - Visit the World Heritage Site in Shropshire

Ironbridge is observed as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution where the first large scale production of cast iron was produced using a revolutionary technique developed by Abraham Darby.

It is fitting that in 1779 the worlds first cast Iron bridge was built spanning the River Severn and today the iconic bridge stands as a reminder to the areas history changing past.

Today Unesco regard the area as a World Heritage Site and there are 10 museums that tell the amazing story of how Ironbridge was the hub of the industrial world in the 18th century.

Buy a passport ticket and get unlimited entrance to all 10 Ironbridge Gorge museums for a whole year from the date the ticket is first used, now you have no excuse not to keep coming back to visit Ironbridge and keep coming back to discover this beautiful area.

Ironbridge is the perfect location for kids days out, family picnics, walking and cycling or visiting the many museums, tea rooms, pubs and quality restaurants all located along the banks of the River Severn.

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